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129: When Mindfulness Meets A Self-Serving Fork In The Road…

Mindfulness.  There are magazines, blogs, books, and hundreds of courses available on this topic.  I have also recorded several podcasts about this, as well.  Yet while I was in London at a conference, I had the opportunity to view mindfulness in a whole new light.

I believe most people have the ability to be kind and considerate when things are going well.  It’s easy to be mindful of others, when there’s no consequence to us.  But what happens when being mindful to someone else, has a perceived negative consequence to us?  What if being mindful means giving up something that you think you deserve, in order to honor someone else, who is also just as deserving?  Are we so ready to be mindful, in that moment?

This is the focus of today’s podcast.  I don’t believe we can truly call ourselves mindful, when there’s a convenience requirement attached to it.  With every situation, we have the opportunity to decide how we will show up.  Making the decision to show up for the betterment of another, especially when it means stepping aside, is the goal of anyone dedicated to living mindfully.  Be that example today, for someone else.

Lastly, a big shout out to Richard Chan, founder of   If you are looking for some inspiration that will challenge what you believe to be possible for your life, check out his work.  And thank you Richard for this kind recommendation:

With sincere gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

Pet of the week!


This is Cynthia, who since recording this episode… happily has been adopted!

Thank you all for stepping up and helping those without a voice, who need us in their corner.


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