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Michelle Dutro

Speaker, Author & Podcaster
Mindset and Purpose Influencer

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Michelle Dutro

Speaker, Author & Podcaster
Mindset and Purpose Influencer

Michelle Dutro is an Air Force veteran, former firefighter, with 10 years in corporate America, and over 20 years in private practice. She has seen why people are successful at every endeavor, to why people struggle and are always swimming upstream. 

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"Everyone needs Michelle Dutro in their life."

-Bre C, Retreat Attendee 2018

Michelle Dutro



Looking to inspire and motivate your audience to action with real-life application?

Being featured above Times Square, is just the another day for this dynamic and engaging speaker, helping audiences around the world think differently.

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There's nothing that will have a bigger impact on ROI than fostering a strong leadership/workforce team. From being authentic to showing up with integrity, your team will soar, after attending just one of Michelle's workshops for company game changers.

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Each retreat is customized to the group, so no two are ever alike (this is not your typical; yoga, journaling, meditation get-away). These retreats challenge you to look at your life from a completely different perspective, so when you leave, you step into a whole new reality.

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Robbins Madanes
iRest Institute
Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher
One World Academy

Real Students.
Real Retreats.
Real Life Changes.

Michelle is unique in the way she approaches helping people to live full out, showing them how to step in to their greatness and truly understand how to take the steps necessary to live a life on purpose, with passion and fulfillment every step of the way. Here are just a few examples of the lives she's touched.

The 3 Principles:

To DO more, to HAVE more, to BE more

What if you could change the foundation of your mindset in a way that impacted every area of life? 

Michelle has long believed that people spend time chasing the “shiny new thing” without realizing there’s no real foundation, so nothing seems to work for very long. These three principles are the framework for creating a sustainable and limitless way of life.

Creating and having a life that is fulfilling is no different.  It comes down to these 3 things

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The Game Changer Podcast

Michelle interviews incredible people who offer insights, tips, and great stories on real life.  These are people just like you, who are taking their unique talent and making a difference. This podcast will inspire you to do the same in your life. Contribute in a way that is unique and meaningful to you. Check out the more than 100 episodes of inspiration.

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