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Take charge of your decisions, your life, and your destiny.

The Five Ultimate Questions
When You Hit A Fork In The Road



Take charge of your decisions, your life, and your destiny.

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Are You Ready to Discover Your Inner North Star?

For as long as I can remember, it has been my mission to get people to BELIEVE they are capable of so much more than what they realize.  So, why are you here, in this lifetime? What is the highest purpose your life can serve?  Below are some options to figure all that out... and more.  

I believe in synchronicity as I bet you do.  Something brought you here... right here, right now. 

Because NOW is the time.

6 Week Course

Discover Your Inner North Star

How does one find their true purpose in life...and better yet live into it!?

If you are looking for clarity, a roadmap, and support along the way - you just found it! This is starting SOON - do not miss it!!

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1:1 Coaching

Clarity and Action 

You've hit an age or a place in life where you thought things would have come together by now. 

You thought life would have more meaning or feel more fulfilling, but it doesn't and you don't know what to do about it. (Not taking new clients at this time.)

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Looking For More

There comes a time when we realize our worth does not come from external people or things. 

From this place we can examine our Spirituality and look deeper into our own journey, which are the guideposts to our legacy. 

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We all need someone in our corner who wants the best for us and constantly challenges us to raise our standards in relationships, in our career, in life. There is no better person than Michelle.

- Tammy D.

Sr. VP Global Marketing


Meet Michelle

An Air Force veteran, former firefighter, 10 years in corporate America, and over 20 years in private practice, She has seen why people are successful at every endeavor to why people struggle and are always swimming upstream. It ALWAYS comes down to one thing... choices.

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