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Have you ever considered...

EVERYTHING that has happened in your life, EVERYONE whose path you have crossed, and the SYNCHRONICITIES along the way –


Find The Meaning In YOUR Purpose

Are you at a crossroad in life right now?

It's critical that you don’t just take any path, or dark alley, without understanding WHY these options are in front of you in the first place and learn how to see the meaning behind all of it.

How do you know your at a crossroad?

  • You feel that you are just going through the motions of life with no passion for any of it
  • You consistently lack energy
  • You have no idea what your legacy will be
  • You don’t know what to do differently today, that will have enough of an impact to change tomorrow

You are not alone. 

In fact, long before Covid, this was by far the most common question I got, “What if I have no idea what MY purpose is?”

Find Out Now!

One Day OR Day One...You Decide.

Finding the Meaning in YOUR Purpose

A Five Module Course to help you piece together the events of your life.  You can then narrate your story with meaningful, in order to leave an impactful legacy.

5 Dynamic Modules

Dig up ALL the clues! This is your time for true reflection of what has happened over the course of your life. Identify WHAT that means for you and your life right now and going forward.

10 Page Workbook

You will want to make some time and space free from the outside world for this work.  When you change the meaning of past events, the meaning of your entire future changes.

Lifetime Toolkit

Lifetime access to this workshop, because crossroads are not a one and done scenario. You'll have lifetime access to this toolkit whenever you need it.

Here’s the best news I can give you.  Your psyche doesn’t need you to have your entire life figured out, a specific plan in place, and having it completed by 5pm today…in order to feel better!

In fact, all it needs is to know you are working on it and taking steps to move in the right direction.

It’s when we are lost, stagnant, and do nothing more than repeat yesterday’s actions that we fall into depression.  So, let’s put a stop to that, right now.

Look at your life through a completely different lens

String together significant events in a way you haven’t done before

Allow to story to unfold into significant meaning that leads to YOUR purpose

LIVE into it every day, going forward

Hi, I’m Michelle,

Let me tell you how much we have in common, if you think your life is more scattered than papers sitting in front of a fan…as I consider myself the Queen of Reinvention, and the Master of Paying Attention.

I have been/am: (and this is the short list)

  • In the Air Force
  • A gemologist
  • A Retail Store Manager
  • A Firefighter
  • In Corporate sales in the construction industry
  • A Life Coach, with more certifications than you can imagine in the Wellness space
  • A Retreat Center Builder and Owner
  • A Founder of a PTSD Non-Profit
  • A Citizen of Mexico

And guided every step of the way. There are NO mistakes.

Michelle Dutro

If you are tired of feeling empty with a lack of purpose or vision for your life – YOU must do something about it.

Don’t wait for a better time. 

THIS moment IS your life. 

Let's Get Started Now!

I have lived on oatmeal and saltines, drove a car that the key wouldn’t come out of the ignition, been in jobs where I swear the clock that I stared at, moved backwards.

But, I always knew it was temporary. 

I needed to Pay Attention more.  I needed to look through a different lens.  That’s how I see all of life; like a kaleidoscope. 

The pieces all stay the same, but if you shift things just a bit, the whole picture changes.

If it’s time to change the outlook and outcome of your life, let me be your guide. 

Finding the Meaning in YOUR Purpose


  • 5 Video Modules
  • Workbook with Detailed Questions and examples
  • Guidance to look at your life from a completely different perspective
  • Your psyche, spirit, and soul will know you doing what is needed to live into YOUR purpose
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Finding The Meaning In YOUR Purpose

Your Path to Creating an Incredible Legacy