Say Goodbye to Self-Doubt

Have you ever wondered...

Why does it seem that for some people everything they touch turns to gold, while others seem to work just as hard, if not harder…only to struggle to stay afloat?

This workshop is for you!

Align Your Values with Your Goals

Before you start interviewing for another job…let’s figure out where the problem is first.

If this is you:

  • I rarely have days where I feel successful
  • I live for the weekend, and my next vacation can’t get here quick enough
  • It is harder and harder to stay motivated each day, or to even get through the day
  • I don’t feel a good connection to those I work with, or for

You are not alone.

These are some of the reasons that have led to The Great Resignation. Which I call the Great Escape…because we are escaping from our problems, but are we fixing them? So how do you know the next job won’t lead to the same feelings? Odds are, it will.

This is why I created Aligning Your Values with Your Goals workshop.

Find Out Now!

Don’t waste any more time on how to get a better job.

Spend time on getting clarity about who you are and what you want, first.

Deciphering What Truly Matters to You

A Five Module Workshop was designed to help you align what you value and what you want out of life.  These TWO things being incongruent typically is why there is a LACK of fulfillment, or feelings of accomplishment or success. 

5 Dynamic Modules

Michelle will guide you through each step in every video.  You must be crystal clear about what you value.   And you also must know the order of your values.  Which can change over time.  So this needs to reevaluated ideally, twice a year.

14 Page Workbook

You will want to make some time and space free from the outside world for this work.  This workbook will make it clear which values are not aligned with your goals.  Thus, one of them will need to change.  This is the ONLY way to achieve success in any area of life.

Lifetime Toolkit

Lifetime access to this workshop, because crossroads are not a one and done scenario. You'll have lifetime access to this toolkit whenever you need it.

Most people have no idea what their hierarchy of values actually is, which leads to the problems that are faced in life.

Every decision MUST be made in alignment with your values. 

When you are clear about your values, your decisions become easy.

What may be eye opening is realizing whether or not our goals are aligned with what we value…who we are.

If you were to look at my resume, it would appear that everything I’ve done from the military, the fire department, corporate sales, to coaching has nothing in common.  But they all share my top value: Contribution.

The “why” is always more important than the “how”. 

This workshop will:

Have you look at your life and what matters in a meaningful way.

Create a hierarchy of your values by going through a step by step process, with me.

Allow you to compare your goals to your values to determine where the misalignment is in your life.

Help you to create a plan from where you are to living a fulfilling life that has meaning to YOU.

Hi, I’m Michelle,

If you are wondering why I created this workshop, it’s not just because of the amount of people I have worked with who feel burnt out, exhausted, and a lack of motivation. (Although that is a factor.)

It is because I ask myself more frequently than what you would believe…

THE VALUES CHECK IN: What matters to me?

  • Am I doing something that uses my talent, skill, and unique abilities to the highest degree?
  • Am I spending my time doing what I value the most?
  • I am in a career that values what I have to offer?

When any of these get a “no or I don’t know” response, it’s time to stop and reevaluate EVERYTHING.

And when life steps in and throws you plot twist, you must ask yourself the same questions.

Michelle Dutro

For me over the last two years that was: 

  • Putting every dime I had into building a retreat center that was set to open just as Covid hit…March 2020.
  • Building a 20-acre retreat center that took so much of my time to maintain, it left me no time to pivot and create an alternative source of income.
  • Foolishly putting all of my eggs in one basket, and then not being allowed access to my basket.

I didn’t want to think I did all of this for nothing and be forced to sell and start over. But not being honest about where we are in the moment will make things worse.

So, when it’s time to pivot, knowing who you are, what you value, and what your goals are – make it much easier to head down a different path.

Is this possible for you right now? Absolutely.

If you are contemplating a life change in ANY way, in ANY are you must get clear on the Values Check In questions. And you really need a well laid out step by step process to get to your truth.

If you are tired of making bad decisions, second guessing yourself, or have any self-doubt…

Don’t wait for a better time. 

THIS moment IS your life. 

Get Clarity Now

Aligning Your Values with Your Goals


  • 5 Video Modules
  • Workbook with Detailed Questions and examples
  • Michelle walking your through clear examples to make sure your answers are honest

  • Finally, CLARITY around what matters to you, in order to make decisions you won’t regret

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Know Your Values - Align Them With Your Goals

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