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Yoga, Meditation, and Wine Getaway


This three-day retreat is the foundation of what we offer, and is the inspiration of our upcoming podcast, “The Yoga Wine Bar.” The intention of this retreat is to bring mindfulness to everything you do. Once we slow down long enough, we can realize that everything in our life right now… our financial affairs, our health, our mental state, our relationships, our career—just to name a few—are all a reflection of every decision we have ever made.

This retreat is designed to bring mindful awareness to each breath you take, and how you take it. From there, bringing attention to our thoughts, which lead to our words, that inspire our actions and ultimately our destiny. The practice of yoga and meditation offer us the opportunity to be solely with ourselves and our thoughts without the interruption of the outside world. The more this is developed, the less impact the outside world will have on your inner-state of being and ability to remain in a joyful state as a way of life.

Since we are in the heart of wine country, we bring this sense of mindfulness to wine tasting. Instead of merely drinking wine, you will have a chance to learn about why and how the grapes were grown, the intention of the wine maker, and how the environment shapes the taste. By bringing mindfulness into everything you do, you have the opportunity to create a meaningful life not just for you, but also those around you.