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Stress Reduction and Management Retreat


Stress can range from a variety of emotions. These can be anything from worry, overwhelm, and chaos, to anxiety and panic attacks. In order to eliminate this out-of-control way of life, we must first understand our belief system and the meaning we have assigned the events of our life. With this understanding, we can access a different choice; a state of being that allows us to live fully and joyfully regardless of the situation we encounter.

This weekend incorporates HeartMath biofeedback to allow you to see how your mental stress is interpreted by your body, and how to manage it effectively. You will also learn basic EFT which can lower a level 10 of stress to a 1, in a matter of minutes. This retreat will also include yoga, relaxation in a far-infrared sauna, guided meditation, hikes, and decompression time at the beach. Upon returning home you will receive and MP3 with a personalized guided meditation to incorporate into your daily practice of living in a peaceful state of being, filled with joy and purpose. For a deeper dive into your psyche and soul’s purpose, see the five-day “Life Reboot Retreat.”