How To Create, Build, And Maintain Long Lasting Relationships…

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August 29, 2016
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September 12, 2016

It is often said that we have two types of friends; old friends and friends of convenience.  With the prolific use of Facebook, it has become very easy to stay connected with our friends from High School and College, even our friends from elementary school.  Then, outside of the people we grew up with, we have our neighbors and our co-workers.  They fall into the category of “convenience.”  How many of those relationships stay intact if we move or change jobs?  The unfortunate reality is… not many.

This lack of quality relationships can typically be broken down into two inherent problems; the amount of effort it takes to build and maintain them, coupled with the lack of time.  Now what’s interesting is when you read all of countless studies done on longevity around the world they all point to the same common denominator for a long, healthy, happy life.  Yes, you guessed it, the people who seem to have the corner of the longevity market nailed, are those with the most quality relationships and a true sense of community.

So while we are a nation consumed with the latest pill, book, or doctor that can help us find a way to live longer (and happier) you already have what you need for that to happen; friends. Now if you don’t have an established tribe you can all your own, I hope today’s conversation on The Game Changer Podcast with Patrick Galvin offers up some ideas on how to start to build one.  The truth is this does take commitment, time, and effort.  But anything worthwhile does.  Reach out to someone today that you haven’t connected with for a while.  Let that be the start of a new habit.  The reality is, your health, happiness, and longevity depend on it.

With immense gratitude for my tribe,

Michelle Dutro

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