3 or 5 Day Mindfulness in Leadership Retreat

3 Day Mindfulness in Leadership Retreat:

At Inner North Star we think about leadership as a way of “being”, rather than as a skillset of what you “do”. Further, we apply the term leadership to one’s entire life, not just in a boardroom, sitting at a conference table, or heading up a team-building exercise. To be a true leader one must incorporate integrity, honesty, strength to stand up for what’s right, compassion, understanding, kindness, and confidence in every decision that is made.

A true leader is one who embodies each of these qualities, on the foundation of “other-centric” thinking. Having the ability to consider another’s perspective, viewpoint, and feelings – in the moment – significantly shifts relationships to a deeper more meaningful level. From this place, conflict and misunderstandings become virtually non-existent.

This retreat will also teach you how to maintain a “state of being” that increases your ability to make the right decision, without hesitation, consistently. You will create a morning routine that puts you in control of your day, reducing stress and overwhelm dramatically. You will receive a 90-day journal that keeps you focused on what matters, and accountable to that daily intention, within minutes each morning and evening. Upon returning home you will also receive a personalized guided meditation, recorded just for you, to incorporate into your daily practice.

In summary; The intent of this retreat is to provide you with the skills and understanding necessary to be a grounded, inspiring, and thoughtful leader in every aspect of your life.


5 Day Life Reboot Retreat:

This is the longest and most intense of all the retreats we offer. This five-day retreat is specifically designed for those who find themselves questioning what their true purpose is in this lifetime. Further, our time together will enable you to create a lasting legacy, as well as a specific roadmap of how to get there; all while experiencing significant meaning along the way. This retreat is rooted in the same inspiration as “The Game Changer Podcast.” Once we eliminate what is (perceived to be) in our way, we have the ability to truly make a difference.

Thus, this retreat isn’t just about what we do… but more importantly why we do it. We will spend time understanding the fundamentals of yoga and meditation—regardless of your level of experience. You will also learn EFT and HeartMath biofeedback to help remove all limiting beliefs and stressors that are holding you back or keeping you stuck.

Through classes, personal time for introspection on hikes in the mountains, along with one on one personalized coaching, you will have a specific plan to get you from where you are to where you are meant to be. The highlight of this week is the sacred Puja Fire Ceremony… a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Finally, you will be given a journal designed for the 90 days following this retreat, in order to establish the mindset and habits necessary to keep you focused on what truly matters. Lastly, to ensure this new mindset becomes part of your daily practice, you will also receive a personalized guided meditation (as an MP3 download) recorded just for you, based upon our week together to help keep you on track. If you are looking for significant transformation and living an inspired life, this is the retreat for you.