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Energy Mastery Workshop


When you hear the word “energy,” what comes to mind?  If you are thinking about how quickly you spring out of bed, that’s a different kind of energy than what we are working with in this workshop.  Consider this… Why is it that some people have the ability to drain our energy within five minutes of being around them?  What about when you walk into a room and you instantly feel tense, and you don’t know why?  How about when something inside you tells you to take a different way home, than the way you usually go?  All of that is energy.

In these two days we will cover the foundation of several areas where you can impact the energy around you; to increase your wealth, uplift your sense of well-being, improve your health, and introduce you to some new sources of guidance when you need it.

These are some of the topics we will cover:

*Feng Shui – The energy of the space around you – your home, car, work, etc.

I Ching – Ancient text for guidance.

Aromatherapy – For physical and emotional well-being.

Chakras – Clearing and re-balancing.

Crystals – When and how to use them.

Color and Light Therapy – Understanding how different colors and sounds can be used for healing.

*A Feng Shui evaluation of three areas of your home is part of what is included in this weekend.  Photos of your bedroom, your main living space (living room, family room, or den), and the entrance to your home, must be sent in two weeks prior to the start of this workshop.

This is a fun, interactive weekend.  No prior knowledge of any of these topics is necessary.  By the time you leave, you will have a new understanding the energy that impacts you, and how to influence it for a life of abundance and endless possibility.