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Detox Weekend

We consider detox from a very holistic perspective. Thus, this is far more than just “No alcohol, caffeine, or bad food.” To us this means taking three days to eliminate ALL things that don’t serve you, sort of like emptying a pitcher of dirty water so it can be refilled with pure natural spring water.

Detoxing the body: Three days of juicing specially designed to cleanse and rebalance your pH. Daily time in our far-infrared sauna to aid in detoxing the body.

Detoxing the mind
: HeartMath biofeedback allows you to see the impact of mental stress on your body, and we will create a plan designed just for you, in order to manage it once you leave. You will also learn EFT and the benefits—another great tool upon your return home.

Detoxing the spirit: We have designed yoga and guided meditation classes to assist in releasing everything that is a spirit vampire to your soul.

At the end of the retreat you will feel lighter, freer, and have more room to allow into your life what truly serves your body, mind, and soul.