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Life is so much richer when you love what you do and do what you love, each and every day.

But finding and pursuing your passion can be a tremendous challenge and many have no idea where to begin.

What’s more, pursuing your passion takes courage! For many, that pursuit means abandoning the status quo and embarking upon a journey that will lead down a new, unfamiliar path.

But that’s precisely where our Retreats and Coaching can help! Our goal was to create programs with the right amount of guidance, and necessary tools—so you have the inspiration, the courage, and the wisdom to pursue your passions.


Your hosts Michelle Dutro and Joe Leger:

Michelle and Joe have more in common than most people realize.  They both grew up in Southern California, both went into the military (Air Force and Marines), followed by a couple of decades in Seattle (which is actually where they met).  During that time they became very familiar with corporate life, and what it’s like to come to a place where you question your purpose, your passion, and your legacy.

Thus, after a few conversations, Michelle and Joe quickly realized they had a shared vision and combined forces.  They are both certified as HeartMath Intervention Specialists, and they have both spent time at One World Academy in India—studying meditation. Now living in the heart of wine country, they both also hold their level one certification by the WSET Wine Academy, on their way to becoming Sommeliers! After quite a journey— they are not only living their dream, but helping others do the same.

A little more detail…

Michelle also had an additional detour along the way… she became a firefighter. However, when questioning her true purpose in life, realized her heart was in helping people prevent emergencies, rather than responding to calls when it’s often too late.  This led her to the next 15+ years working in the field of preventative medicine—an experience that has spurred her to specialize in the field of stress reduction.

In addition to this, Michelle also holds certifications in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra (guided meditation).  She is a One World Academy Meditation Instructor, a Homeopathy practitioner, Feng Shui consultant, is trained in Hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT.  She is also a Biofeedback Instructor/Supervisor, Strategic Intervention Life Coach, and holds other certifications all in the field of energy medicine.  As your coach, she can quickly assess which of these modalities are the best fit to quickly bridge the gap from where you are, to where you are meant to be.

The next decision you make, could be the one that changes your life.