PTSD Retreats


Every sector of business has been hard hit over the last two years.  One of the greatest tolls is that of the stress, anxiety, and feelings of uncertainty in their employees. 

If you oversee a team, addressing their mental well-being has never been more important.


Does your team need a morale boost?
Do they need to reignite their passion?

As a specialist in PTSD, stress, and anxiety Michelle has 20+ years in this field and had created workshops for what everyone is experiencing right now.

Ready to move from Managing people to Leading them. 

Or, perhaps you need to rediscover that spark again in order to find that fulfillment and purpose that has been lost.

Whether online or in-person, let Michelle teach you, your teams, your colleagues how to overcome stress, anxiety and LEAD with purpose and passion.  

Online Workshops

Go at your own pace, start when ready. 

Find Meaning In YOUR Purpose

Are you at a crossroad in life right now?

It's critical that you don’t just take any path, or dark alley, without understanding WHY these options are in front of you in the first place and learn how to see the meaning behind all of it.

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Align Your Values with YOUR Goals

If you are tired of making bad decisions, second guessing yourself, or have any self-doubt…

Don’t wait for a better time. 

THIS moment IS your life. 

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In-Person Workshops for Your Team

Mindfulness in Leadership

A leader knows his most important asset is his/her people. 

A true leader also knows their people are more than the numbers they produce, the hours they put in, or performance metrics they hit. 

While each of those will impact the bottom line, they are merely the byproduct of their attitude about their job and life.

This applies to parenting as well. Leadership has no boundaries.

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DO More, HAVE More, BE More

How do you create a memorable legacy? 

It all starts with DOing more so that you HAVE more to contribute. 

We all are limited by the same thing: time.

So we must maximize results, which requires that we have the ability to BE more, NOW.

Our time together will uncover what matters to you most, critical decision making, and creating a roadmap for significant contribution.

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Burnout to Igniting Passion

Before you quit that job or leave that relationship – first you must learn to understand the importance of mastering your “State”. 

Your “State of Being” when  not optimal will cloud your judgement in every aspect of your life. 

This includes your career, your relationships, your health, and how you perceive your entire life.

If you have already left your job/relationship, this workshop is imperative, so you have the ability to reset...and start with the right narrative.

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