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When the Voices Inside Your Head – Really Need to be Listened To….

If Life is a Numbers Game…
November 4, 2014
December 3, 2014

We’ve all been there… getting so busy with life, we move away from what matters and become task masters. Then before you know it,  your days and weeks are spent getting things done, although none of those “things” are the things that matter.

losing balance


After a very, and I mean very long absence from yoga, I was in my friend and editor Skye Andrade’s yoga class and found myself really struggling. There is a reason it is called a yoga practice. It is meant to be ongoing and something that we do regularly as “a practice.”   We all know how we are at something that we don’t practice… well it’s a mess. My favorite part of this mess on my mat was when the voices in my head became so loud they were impossible to ignore. “What is with your balance?” “Honestly, Michelle, you have no balance.” And then I actually heard that. I realized I had allowed my life to have “no balance.”

As we embark on the holiday season, and it is one dinner party after the next, followed by endless shopping and trying to be five different places at once… find the time to create balance.

I will promise you this; this holiday season your level of happiness will be in direct proportion to the level of balance that you maintain. Now, balance comes in many forms; I am going to focus on just one. Slow down long enough to listen to the communication from your body, mind, and spirit and honor what it is saying to you in that moment. This can be just pushing away from your desk and closing your eyes for 15 minutes, taking a walk, or a yoga class. The point is to take some time this holiday season to tune into you.

I wish you a wonderful start to this holiday season and that you take in all of the magic that it has to offer. And for those of you next to me in that yoga class, sorry for being such a fumbling distraction, I will get my balance together so that doesn’t happen again!

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