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Don’t Dim Your Light…
November 22, 2015
Holiday Get-Togethers, and Whiskey Jim
December 6, 2015

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We can all think of a time when everything seemed to fall apart.  Maybe that’s what you are going through right now.  The truth is it isn’t the situation that defines us, rather how we respond to the situation that determines our character, our stamina, and ultimately our destiny.

The guest on tomorrow’s Game Changer Podcast is Gwen Gardner, founder of Simply Chickie Clothing.  She is no stranger to adversity. Over 10 years ago (within the same week!) she was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer, broke up with her boyfriend, and found out she was pregnant.

I believe when our outer world falls apart, we have the opportunity to discover the strength of our inner world.  When we realize we are greater than any problem we may be facing, we have the ability to make different decisions that will lead to a completely different outcome.  That is exactly what Gwen did.  She started thinking about everything she put into her body, and re-evaluated what good health actually meant.  This entailed not just what she put into her body, but also what she put on her body.  With a baby on the way, and armed with an increasing level of awareness into the effects of toxins and wanting to protect her baby, she set out to make difference.  Through a ton of research she learned the difference between “natural” and “organic” as it relates to the way cotton is grown and manufactured. So because of this adversity, Gwen created a baby clothing line that would be safe not just for her baby, but for thousands of others as well.

Whether or not you have a baby or know of someone who does, this show will be informative and make you think about things that you might otherwise have taken for granted.  This discussion could change the way you look at what impacts your overall health, and is well worth the listen. In addition to that… just in time for the holidays, Gwen has a generous offer for all of The Game Changer Podcast listeners!

In closing Gwen and her beautiful daughter Elizabeth are doing well and are in great health.  If you have ever questioned whether or not one person can make a difference, listen to this show. And as you find yourself looking for that perfect gift, please check out  Not only will you be buying what is safe for a child to wear, but you will be supporting someone who is truly worthy of our support. I hope you find the inspiration, regardless of its origin, to follow your passion.  There are a lot of people who are counting on it!

With the Chickiest Gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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