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When All Else Fails, Blame It On The Moon…

Finally! The Game Changer Podcast Launch Announcement!
September 27, 2015
Thank YOU for being a Game Changer for me!
October 18, 2015



As you know from my last post, I had a big announcement that my podcast was finally launching Monday, October 5th, after working on it for nearly a year.  Well, “working on it” isn’t exactly accurate, more like struggling with every aspect of it.   But before I get into that, I want to tell you why I am writing this blog post.  I think in the world of social media we are used to seeing how fantastic everyone’s life is; the world travel, and how everything seems to be just one shiny day after another.  The reality is – this is often far from reality.

So, as you are the people who have supported me along the way and sent words of encouragement, I wanted to be painfully honest about the challenge this has been.  I hope in whatever it is you are thinking about doing or have a vision of creating – yet holding back waiting for perfection or the right time, trust me… it will never come.  Sometimes you just have to dive in and hopefully, at least, check to make sure the pool actually has water in it before you jump.

These are the highlights of what you will hear in the first few episodes (aka my pool with no water). My interview with Cole Hatter, didn’t record the first time at all.  We had to stop midway through and start all over again. This was after he spent time trying to figure out what in the world I was doing wrong…  NOT how you want to start your very first interview!  Further, both with Cole and Wes Chapman (which will – or should be – released Monday October 5th) I had feedback in my headphones every time I talked, repeating back everything I said with a 1 second delay.  That made it nearly impossible to interview either one of them.  Thus, the feedback I have received from the folks who previewed these prior to launch was, “You sound like you are really concentrating and it doesn’t sound like you at all”… to, “Were you really tired that day? Sounded like you were struggling to stay awake.”  UGH!

The Full Moon Eclipse Over the Weekend

On the technical side, I spent the weekend getting the technology (the back end of the house and programming) together. Here’s where the week of my nightmare’s start… or actually, continue. Apparently there’s a way to schedule the release dates in iTunes, I still have no idea how to do that, which is why they all hit Thursday WELL ahead of my planned release date.  They are also supposed to be tagged with something, I can assure you they are not.  Further, everything that I have posted says that you can find the podcast in iTunes AND Stitcher Radio… I don’t even know how to post to Stitcher Radio!

The point of all this is, if my interview with Cole didn’t discuss an upcoming conference he is hosting in October I would not have launched at all.  But, because this had to go out ahead of the conference date, I had no choice.  As you know I am always in gratitude of the Universe giving us not always what we want, rather exactly what we need.  So friends, in a far less than perfect fashion, The Game Changers Podcast is up and running. I would be so grateful if you would jump over to iTunes and give the show a listen and leave a review.  If you hit the subscribe button all future episodes will automatically show up for you. (SHOULD be every Monday.)  I have an amazing line up of folks that truly are inspirational game changers. And as time goes on, I really do hope I get better.  Please, just stick with me.   Here is the link:

Lastly, as I requested in my last post, if there is someone that inspires you whom you consider a true Game Changer in some way, please let me know either via email, Facebook or Twitter.  You can find the game changer podcast on all social media.  (Well, you should be able to… that too is a work in progress!)

There simply will never be a better moment than this one…right now, to follow your dream and make it a reality.  There are a lot of people’s lives that you will touch who are counting on it.  Don’t let anything hold you back.  Especially if that something, is you.

With extreme gratitude,

Michelle Dutro
The Game Changer Podcast

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