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What Is Your “One Thing”?

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September 5, 2016
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September 19, 2016

Let me ask this another way, if you could only ever speak on one topic for the rest of your life and not get bored of it— but on the contrary, were as passionate about the subject on day 10,000 as you were on day one… what would that topic be?

I thought about this a great deal over the last several months, and my answer to this question had me change the direction of my book.  My one topic has been the same for decades, and beyond the shadow of a doubt it always will be: What will it take for you to believe enough, in order take massive action on what you want?  I have pushed people over the course of my life to leave hesitation behind, and to find a way to live like a true Kahuna.  In Hawaiian tradition a Kahuna doesn’t hope or wish things will turn out a certain way, they come from a place of just knowing.

If we could all get to a place where we absolutely knew our next step, and without hesitation took action, I can assure you all of our lives would look very different.  (Maybe we would all live in Hawaii for starters.)  After a great deal of time contemplating why people don’t live this way, I realized that my one thing actually isn’t inspiring people to take action, as taking action is really the second step.  The first step is making a decision.  This is where I think most people get stuck.

If we aren’t sure what we should do; take the new job where we don’t know anyone, or stay where we are, and wait for the next round of promotions.  Move to a location we have always dreamed of living or stay where we grew up, and remain close to friends and family.  Get out of the relationship which isn’t serving us, or stay, as being alone might be worse.  It’s impossible to take any action until you first make a decision.  This is the book that I am working very hard at finishing: “How to make the right decision, more often.”  In today’s podcast, I talk about three chapters in the book, and ask you for feedback and a story about decision making that you would like me to consider including in the book.  I hope this episode offers some thoughts for consideration, if you are on the fence about a decision.  I would love to hear from you on this topic, so without hesitation… write to me!  You never know whose life you may change because of it.

With the gratitude of a Kahuna,

Michelle Dutro

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