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What is a New Year’s resolution without a big enough “why”? Meaningless.

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December 28, 2015
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January 10, 2016


Welcome to 2016!  I love January… the gyms and yoga classes are packed, juicers have all been sold off the shelves, and kale suddenly is impossible to find at the grocery store.  And yet with that being said, February also comes with its own predictability; the parking lot at most gyms are empty, juicers are back in stock where they will stay collecting dust for months, and kale can be found in abundance.

Since this is so predictable, is there really anything we can do to change it?  My conversation tomorrow with Michelle Thall, PhD just may have you looking at your New Year’s resolutions a little bit differently.  Michelle is a core faculty member in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science who teaches a range of exercise science and research methods courses at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Washington.  She has put in a great deal of time and research into this very topic, which is why I chose her for this 2016 kick off interview.

Find your “why” in the present moment.

What I enjoyed most about our conversation is that we share the same belief around the power of the “why.” We discuss that when it comes down to self-determination, people’s plans commonly derail by setting some external goal to be reached in the future, such as lowering your blood pressure, losing 15 pounds, or lowering your cholesterol – which are all things that don’t feel good TODAY.  Let me be more specific here; for a healthy lifestyle goal to be sustainable, your why for any exercise and dietary change cannot be based upon the potential for satisfaction of some futuristic celebration.  Your why for doing anything needs to have value today such as better mental clarity, more energy, or lowering your feeling of stress.

I have spoken on this topic (your why) possibly more than any other, as it’s one of the single determining factors in anything changing in your life.  Whether that is your health and wellness, your financial situation, your relationships… any change you want to make that is sustainable – always comes down to your why.

I do wish every success for you in 2016!  Thus, my true wish is that you have a great enough and truly meaningful why behind every goal, vision, and dream that you have for the New Year. I look forward to bringing you lots of inspirational Game Changers this year on the podcast… but mostly, I look forward to hearing from you about the inspired life you are leading and the difference you are making for others. To me, there simply is no greater why in this lifetime than that.

With gratitude full of sparkling cheer,

Michelle Dutro

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