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Voices from the Pantry…

September 3, 2014
Crazy, Sexy…Friday!
October 10, 2014

Voices from the Pantry…

“Pssst….Hey, Michelle, yeah I’m talking to you…come over here.  Come on open the door,  I can help you feel better in less than a minute!”  Ladies, I think we can agree, that little voice is hard to ignore.  It’s almost as if the pantry door opens itself and rolls out the red carpet.  That’s right… that voice was calling me from a box of Cheez Nips.  (Now before I get a letter from the Kellogg’s makers – or my daughters – I know the name is Cheez It.  I change the name to diminish its power over me.  You know when you continually forget someone’s name as though they don’t matter.  That’s my strategy.)  But for crying out loud, what is one to do when this is the variety they now offer- are you kidding me!

Alright, you didn’t wind up on the wrong blog; this is still Michelle talking about the best in health and wellness and how to have the motivation to create an amazing life. Yes, I realize “amazing” and “Cheez Nips” have little in common. But most of us have a vice, a guilty pleasure or a weakness…the Cheez Nip is mine.

Introduction to “The Tapping Solution”…

So let’s roll this story back about four years – that is when I met Jessica Ortner. We met at a Hay House conference for Writers and Public Speakers. (And just look at her now, she is both!)  From there she invited me to a “Tapping” training being hosted by her and her brother Nick Ortner.  This wasn’t my first exposure to tapping, but it was the first time the topic seriously got my attention.  Here’s the best part (for me) about “The Tapping Solution” story.  After taking a big financial real estate tumble, Nick tried tapping to help change his mindset, to help find a way out – rather than dwelling on what currently was his situation.  It worked on him, so he tried it on family and friends – on a whole host of issues. With his desire to truly make a large scale difference in peoples’ lives, “The Tapping Solution” was born.  His authenticity behind the work he and his family are doing is what makes their company so amazing and successful.  His book by the same name is a New York Times best seller that I highly encourage you to get.  Jessica Ortner has also come out with The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence, which is equally as amazing.  (Both published by Hay House.)


I can attest first hand to the incredible power of what EFT or Tapping can do to improve anyone’s life.  In my practice I have used this in working with people that have chronic pain, all the way to returning Veterans from Afghanistan.  As a stress reduction specialis there is nothing I recommend more highly than incorporating a tapping practice into your life.

The Power of the Pantry Unplugged…

So, why didn’t I think about trying it on the mighty power of the White Cheese Cheez Nip?  I don’t know, it just never crossed my mind, until that fateful day a few weeks ago.  I was standing in the kitchen and I remember thinking that I was about to get into an argument with that voice from the panty…when I realized this had to be dealt with before my daughter walked in and saw me arguing with the pantry door.  Alas! Tapping! And sure enough, just like in every other circumstance… done.  The voice gone, the desire gone… within minutes. Further, there hasn’t been a box of Cheez Nips in our pantry since then.

If you haven’t heard about EFT/Tapping, here’s your opportunity to go to the Hay House I Can Do It! Convention in Pasadena October 24th – 26th, you will be so glad you did.  Nick Ortner is a presenter, and I can tell you, if you have your own Cheez Nip voice, (whatever yours may be), you will learn how to get rid of it, forever.  If you can’t make it in person- you can stream it from your living room.  This is an opportunity you don’t want to let pass you by!  I hope to see you there!

With gratitude from the pantry,

Michelle Dutro

(Click on any of the images to order or to learn more!  Well, not the Cheez Nips, we’re past that…aren’t we?)

Hay House - I Can Do It! Conference, Pasadena, CA

Hay House – I Can Do It! Conference, Pasadena, CA

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