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The stranger sitting next to you, just may be your destiny…

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May 22, 2015
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The Value of an odd conversation-

We’ve all had a time in our lives where the right person – or the very thing we need- shows up at the exact moment we need it.  Then there are other times we feel as though we are swimming upstream and nothing seems to go our way.

I suppose the desire to have everything go our way is the reason for the popularity of movies like The Secret and books like The Power of Intention.  However, I would like to consider two different possibilities – other than setting out your most magical crystals on the next full moon.  (Which was last night, by the way… hope you didn’t miss that opportunity! But, if you did – keep reading, maybe this will help.)  It may also help to know that you don’t need to change a thing. What is showing up for you, in your life right now, is exactly as it should be!

Sometimes what or who we need shows up in the most unexpected of places…

Have you ever had someone sit next to you on a bus or at the bar counter when there were plenty of other open seats?  Then you wind up in a conversation that ends up either being wildly helpful or gets you to think about something in a different way, just by a comment they made?  I do not believe people cross our paths by accident, EVER – whether it’s a long term relationship or 10 minutes on the subway.

What if you looked at every single person you meet as someone who was placed there intentionally for your benefit?  They either were there to deliver a message, or teach you something about yourself that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise… or at this particular time – when you needed to learn it.  The downfall is when either we don’t engage in conversation with the person who was right before us, or when we hang on to a relationship longer than what the intended purpose was for being in that relationship in the first place.

Bigger plans….

Here’s the other possibility for those tired of treading water or looking for a Magic Genie bottle at the next garage sale: What if the Universe has bigger plans for you than what you are considering?  What if the person, resource, or opportunity was placed right on your path, and instead you crossed the street and went around it thinking, “This has nothing to do with me.”  What if your focus turns into tunnel vision – which is driving what you are seeing? The problem with this is what we are seeking is largely based on our belief of what is possible, and we don’t recognize when something even greater shows up.  Often times even the most positive thinkers set limits to their own possibility… the Universe does not.

For the rest of the day, pay attention to the synchronistic conversation that happens with the person who winds up next to you.  And if an opportunity presents itself that you would normally write off as crazy… consider it from the eyes of the Universe who sees you as even greater than what you do, in this moment.
That person and that possibility just may be your future.

With Synchronistic Gratitude,

Michelle Dutro


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P.S. I wrote this several days ago… since then this story was sent to me by a friend, its from Humans of New York… Synchronicity! You can go their website by clicking on the picture – this is their story:

couple on a bench

“We met three years ago in Grand Central Station. I got stuck working late so I missed my train and was in a terrible mood. I went to get some food at the bar, and the only stool open was next to him. I asked if anyone was sitting there, and he told me ‘no,’ and helped me take off my coat. A few minutes later, his son came back from a cigarette break, and I was in his seat. All of us spent the next two hours talking. When I left, his son chased me down, handed me his business card, and said: ‘I think my dad really likes you. If you think you might like him too, please send me an email.’”

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