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The Power of Three Words…

The stranger sitting next to you, just may be your destiny…
June 3, 2015
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July 15, 2015


I was recently at a breakfast meeting with about 20 women, who were there to gain a deeper understanding of the value of mentorship, and what it takes to find that person who will make you better in some area of your life.  I went into this meeting with a certain expectation; hearing both strategies about how to find a mentor and how to be a mentor to someone else.  However, what I heard in this meeting was so unusual, I walked out thinking to myself that this would be the topic of my next blog. So here we are.

Everyone in the room went around giving examples of the amazing people that had helped them in some significant way that really guided them on their path.  Some stories were great examples of a professional mentor helping them along in their career for years, others were people who showed up just in the moment they needed, to give great mentoring advice.  Here’s what struck me; the one thing everyone had in common was that they had someone (or people) who believed in them along the way.

Honestly, this belief is what struck me!  In more than ten years in private practice, the common denominator with people is they haven’t ever had anyone believe in them.  This is why in the field of mentorship or coaching… above great advice, or the “Top 10 Tips” to accomplish whatever it is – starts with conveying the belief that the person before you, can achieve any dream they have.  This doesn’t take a PhD in psychology or any certification school to be a great mentor or coach to someone.  From right where you are – you have the ability to believe in someone right NOW who needs it.  The simple words, “You’ve got this!” will mean more to someone than you probably realize.

As you know, if you follow my blogs, I am a firm believer in synchronicity and timing. I literally just received a life update email from a great gal in Australia, who I haven’t spoken to in months (this is how her email ended)-

All of the above and more began some years ago when someone introduced me to a beautiful soul named Michelle Dutro, and she saw something affirming in me I couldn’t quite see in myself. Thank you my sweet Michelle for your love and faith.

I honestly don’t believe there is anything greater you can do for another than believing in them.  It costs you nothing and is invaluable to them.  I believe these could be the second most powerful three words spoken, “You’ve got this!”  Don’t let the opportunity pass you by to let someone know how much you believe in them.  They will likely be in a room one day, talking about how those three words from you, changed the course of their life.

With never ending gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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