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The Most Amazing Act Of Forgiveness I’ve Ever Heard.

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March 21, 2016
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April 4, 2016

Brenda Adelman

Spring. What comes to mind when you read that word? Is it growth and new opportunity?  Is it emerging from the hibernation of winter and thinking about what we may have unnecessarily gathered over the past several months?  Hopefully you have heard that we are in the second week of a four part series devoted to all things related to “spring cleaning.”  And while most associate this to literally cleaning your house, I am talking about your philosophical house.  What negative thoughts are stuck like thick tar in the attic of our mind; to the Pandora’s Box of emotions we have methodically packed down in the basement of our soul?

These negative thoughts, emotions, and feelings, not only take up space that could otherwise be devoted to moving more freely in a positive direction, but they also take energy to maintain.  In today’s episode of The Game Changer Podcast, I speak with Brenda Adelman of Freedom and Forgiveness, who has had to come to grips with this topic in a way that most of us cannot begin to imagine.   You see, her father shot her mother, killing her, then went on to marry her mother’s sister.  (Like I said, something most of us can’t begin to imagine.)

Hanging on to hatred is like taking poison, hoping that somehow the other person dies.

Typically, when the word forgiveness is even mentioned, it brings up all kinds of emotions for people.  Here is all I am asking you to consider in this moment: Any negative emotion you carry about someone else is saying, “I am choosing to spend my energy on you, rather than spending it moving my life forward in a positive direction.”  The truth is you can’t hold love and hate simultaneously.  You can’t move forward, while looking back.

It is my hope in this week’s episode that you think about the energy spent on anything or anyone that has been a boat anchor to your soul for far too long.  Consider what it would be like to once and for all, let it go. Forgiveness isn’t about what you are doing for them, it’s about what you are doing for you. I understand this is no easy task. Nor is living a truly fulfilling, meaningful life with hatred, resentment, or bitterness residing anywhere in your house.  Maybe this spring it’s time to open the windows, let that stale energy out, and welcome in a new breath of fresh air that you deserve.

With loving gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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