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September 26, 2016
What If The Greatest Risk Is Not In Leaving… It’s In Staying.
October 17, 2016


The focus for The Game Changer Podcast in October, is all about fulfillment, contribution, and legacy.  And while I feel it is paramount to clearly identify what your life needs to look like in order for you to feel fulfilled, have an understanding of the ways in which you would like to contribute―knowing all of which will ultimately lead to your legacy―there’s a big first step.

The reality is, for many, there is a disconnect between what people say they want and who they are.   Let me give you some things to consider: Finish this sentence, “My desire for my health and fitness is….” Now, if I were to follow you around this week with a webcam, would I see that your diet and amount of exercise match that statement?

Finish this statement, “Within six months I would like to accomplish…” If I were to follow you around all week, would it be obvious to me, that you devote enough time each day to easily attain that goal?

“Within one year I would like to be making….. And within five years have a net worth of….”  If this is a lofty “stretch” goal, how are you spending your free time?  Are you surrounding yourself with people who are like minded and similarly focused? And are you spending your time doing whatever is needed to make that dream happen?  The truth is unless this “thing” is your passion and truly consumes you, it’s not really a goal, as much as it’s a fantasy that you enjoy daydreaming about, and likely always will.

Now before you even start to rationalize or justify your lack of time, resources, or skill set―wait until you meet today’s guest, Rich Brocchini.  He is a Battalion Chief for a Fire Department in California.  He has a coffee company, Third Alarm Fire, he hosts masterminds, and consults on all types of businesses and start-ups.  Oh, and is also a husband and dad to a lovely little girl.  What Rich passionately demonstrates is when you love what you do, it’s not work.  When you are living a life of purpose and contribution, it’s easy to see that what you say you want and how you spend every single minute of your time, are in alignment.

I hope today’s conversation inspires you to dream big, realizing you do have enough time in the day, and it is possible.  We both hope to see you at the Thrive conference, in San Diego at the end of the month.  Until then, do what you love with passion and conviction.  Make this lifetime matter. There are people you don’t even know, who are depending on it.

With deep gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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