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Why You Need To Celebrate Every Win (No Matter How Small)!

It’s not what happens TO you, it’s what happens FOR you.
August 15, 2016
What It Means To “Sur-Thrive” A Horrific Vehicle Accident, Almost Drowning, and Nearly Stabbed To Death…
August 29, 2016

What if we were to change our typical greeting of, “Hi, how are you,” to, “Hey, what are we celebrating today!?”  The problem with the first question is that our mind is trained to find the negative, and to look for anything wrong in any given situation.  Thus, this is typically where we start the conversation.  Then before long it turns into a competition of whose life is going worse. However, if you asked someone what has happened in their life that we can celebrate, it accomplishes two things; gets them to focus on the positive, and talk about it, which most people rarely do.


This is just part of the conversation today about “Turning pebbles into mountains” an excerpt from the book, The Change, Insights into Self-Empowerment, featuring Rich Perry.  Rich’s point is, if we can take all of our small wins (our pebbles) and stack them, before long we will have a mountain.  From this place, truly anything is possible. Whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, it all starts with the right mindset.  You must first believe that you can accomplish anything.  The intention here is to get you to start to retrain your mind on what you focus on.  Spend a moment right now, and think about all of the great things you have already done.

Learn from your mistakes; reflect on your wins.

I hope this conversation gets you to celebrate something today.  Whether it’s your win or someone else’s, go get the champagne and noise makers- start to build that mountain of success!  This is definitely worth incorporating into your daily habits.  The fact that you are reading a blog or listening to a podcast about how to make a difference in the world, should be celebrated.  There are a lot of other people right now who are spending their time trying to catch another Pokémon.  Thank YOU for being here instead!

Cheers to you!

Michelle Dutro

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  1. Rich Perry says:

    Thank you Michelle for a wonderful interview!! This was one of the most exciting and enjoyable podcasts I’ve been a part of and I’m truly grateful for your expertise and generosity. You rock! Looking forward to collaborating again soon.