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August 27, 2014
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The single difference between those who make their dreams a reality and those who don’t.

The Ways In Which We Are Tested-

Road Blocks-

“Never take NO from someone who can’t say yes.” This  comes from one of my new favorite books, The Promise of a Pencil.  When you are in need of some resource, someone, some…thing and you are told no by the person you are speaking with, what you need to hear is, “I am not the right person to ask, and I wouldn’t be the one that could say yes or provide that for you anyway, keep looking.”  Adam Braun the founder of Pencils of Promise, embodies incredible perseverance and inspiration, and I could not more highly recommend his book and his organization:  (He will show you that with just $25.00 and a dream, anything can be accomplished, with enough determined passion behind it.)


I don’t believe this ever goes away completely.  However, like everything, there are two sides to that wicked little coin.  While the obvious side of self-doubt keeps us from moving forward, challenging every single thing we do to the point of analysis paralysis, it also serves us.  Without a healthy amount of self-doubt we wouldn’t push ourselves to become better at what we do.  Mastery here is using this nagging little voice to strive for continuous improvement, but never allowing it to stop you dead in your tracks.  Acknowledge it… use it – then stuff it back in the cracker box where it belongs.

Having the Ability to Stay the Course-

Course Correcting-

Any navigator will tell you that being on auto-pilot, the ship or plane is off track far more of the time than it is on track… but it still gets to its destination, just as planned.  The idea here is that you may not always know the answer, or the exact right next step.  However, if you know where you are headed and constantly ask yourself if what you are doing is moving you closer or farther from your destination, you will be able to course correct, ultimately getting to exactly where you want you to go.  This practice is one that needs to be done daily, to ensure course correcting is only a minor tweak, without needing to call in the Coast Guard for help.


If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times; there is nothing more powerful in your life than having a mentor.  No matter where you are on your journey, if you don’t have a mentor, FIND ONE!  This is someone who has done what you are trying to do and has found the land mines, the pit falls, and dead ends- so that you don’t have to. This invaluable guidance can save you money, time and most importantly provide you the encouragement when you need it the most.  The beauty is, soon enough – you will be a mentor for someone else, which makes it all worth while!

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