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My Thoughts On Chaos, Meaning, and Being Very Honest

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May 2, 2016
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If you have followed my podcast or my blog for any period of time, you know I frequently speak about eliminating chaos from your life, and how to create a more fulfilling life. In today’s podcast, I am once again interviewed by my good friend Tammy Drechsler.  In this conversation we talk about both topics and the one thing that is most impactful to them both; honesty.  The simple reality is, you can’t have more inner peace or more meaning without first getting very honest with yourself about what truly matters to you.  In this moment, you may be thinking you are very clear about your priorities, and this doesn’t apply to you.  Just stick with me…

Here’s my challenge: For the next week, become very mindful about what you say versus the actions you take.  The more you can become crystal clear and honest with yourself about what matters, and then take action that is in complete alignment with what you say, inner-peace and fulfillment will improve effortlessly.  (Well, almost effortlessly.)

Here’s the work: Catch yourself every time you say the words “Have to,” and replace them with “Choose to.”  There is a massive difference in doing things we feel we have to do out of obligation, compared to the truth, which is that we are choosing to do something. Two things happen when we change our language.  First, we become responsible for making that choice, and secondly, we are saying that this thing being chosen is what matters the most.

Watch what happens when you start saying, “I am choosing to stay late at work and miss our child’s play, because that’s what matters the most.”  Or “I’m choosing to go to dinner with clients and miss our anniversary dinner, because that’s what means more to me.”  After a while you will see that it becomes increasingly difficult to make decisions that are not in alignment with what you truly value. It takes us being very honest with ourselves to see where and when we are out of sync.

In closing, here’s your honesty gut check; the next time you say your life is chaotic, rephrase that with, “I’m not choosing to slow down long enough to put together an effective plan for my time.”  Lacking fulfillment… “I’m choosing to spend my time doing things that truly have no value to me.”  Coming from a place of honesty, you can make a decision and take action on what truly matters to you, and live a life that has more significance than you thought possible.

With mindful gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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