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Life Through the Eyes of a Fifth Grader

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January 21, 2015
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On Risk Taking-

My daughter is a senior in high school, and if she ever found out that I was writing about her or her life- I’m fairly certain I would be disowned for a long time.  But this is what happens when you leave stuff laying around that I can read.  Yep, you guessed it, you wind up in a blog.  My daughter spent three days as a camp counselor, at the end of last year.  She didn’t say much, except that she couldn’t ever imagine being a 5th grader – as that was the group she chaperoned.  She left with a bag of goodies and obscure clothing and returned with stories that made no sense and pictures of some “dork dance” where she was the one that was clearly the “dorkiest.”  Today I found a stack of letters on the counter from the kids from camp and it brought tears to my eyes…shortly followed by the urge to talk about what we are grateful for and what matters to us as we grow up.

On Gratitude Through the Eyes of a 5th Grader-

“Thank you for spending three days of your life with us.”  Do you ever stop and think that any amount of time someone gives you, they are giving up a portion of their life to spend it with you?  Well, Alice made special note of that.

“I appreciate you taking care of me while I was sick.”  That came from Bella.  How many times do people go out of their way for us, when we don’t feel well, or are sad?  How many people right now can you think of, that deserve a note of appreciation for caring for us when we needed it?

“I appreciate you for being so dorky at the dork dance.”  Adilene, I agree, I saw the photos. Think back to a time when you joined some new organization or signed up for a new class and someone made the effort to make you feel welcome and like you belonged.  Those people may be the very reason we stayed, and they don’t realize the impact they have had on us.  Maybe now is the time to say, “Thanks for going out of your way to make me feel accepted.”

“Thank you for taking good care of the stuck toilet.”  Now this one showed up multiple times.  Nupur who will go far in life, wrote it this way, “Thank you for being so responsible when the toilet got clogged.”  Now, I don’t have any idea what the toilet issue was, but when was the last time you went out of your way to thank someone for doing something that others might assume should just be taken care of?  Clearly there was deep appreciation for the toilet situation, which quite frankly, we should all show gratitude for the people that take care of things that really matter!

It’s Never Too Late-

As you read this, I know someone…if not several people came to mind.  Who has helped you in any way from taking care of you when you needed it most, to helping you with a task that most others would take for granted?  Take the time now to send them a note of gratitude- not for what they did, but for who they are.  I know each of these letters means a great deal to my daughter… as they do me, and they will for the person you reach out to as well.

If we could remain in a state of awe and gratitude for what shows up in our life, as we did when we were children, this world would be a whole different place.  And we would have a whole different appreciation for plungers!

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