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Life, Love and Barcelona

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January 28, 2015
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March 11, 2015



Life… Love… And Barcelona

If you have followed my blogs you probably know by now, I am fascinated with one topic above all others: Why we do what we do.  I have also spent a great deal of time in my biofeedback and coaching practice helping people determine what they really want out of life, and what keeps them from achieving it.  Again, why people do what they do, when it’s not aligned with what they truly want.  What I would have you consider, is that determining what you want and understanding your road blocks, comes down to the same thing; taking the time to feel into what actually matters.

If you write down the five things most important to you, and then honestly consider how much time you spend doing them each day, that difference would be your biggest clue as to the lack of happiness or fulfillment you may have.  What’s crazy is that the slightest shift can make a huge difference in how you feel.  My guess is the majority of the five things on your list, are focused around people.  Yet, it’s amazing how much time we let slip by, without honoring that which truly means the most to us.

We’ve all heard stories; for many of us this may be a personal story of losing someone before we had the chance to tell them how we feel.  Sometimes, it’s not loss, rather the fear of loss when we are reminded of how precious someone is to us.  Every parent reading this, knows this fear all too well when it comes to the love and protection of a child.  As a parent, I don’t know of a worse feeling than having a child grow up, have them far from home, and feel that harm may have come to them.  Flying half-way around the world, when it’s not in your budget and you can’t afford the time away from work – yet being on the soonest flight out… is love.  It is a love that we feel to the core of our soul.  That level of unconditional love we don’t question or second guess.  The fear of losing someone who means the most to us, puts the rest of what we are doing into perspective.
Consider what and whom you love the most.  Before getting a phone call that something may be wrong, or there’s room for regret of what you didn’t say or do – make those people a priority…not when it’s convenient, because love rarely is.  Now I’m not saying you need to jump on the next plane to Barcelona (although I must say outside of the lack of vegetarian food there, I did love it) what I am saying is make what and who matters most to you, have more priority in your life.  Most importantly make sure those people know it!  Tomorrow may never come, and I can promise you – if you remove every road block of an excuse for picking up the phone, your life will be more fulfilling because it will be centered on what matters the most.  And let’s face it, what should get done – always does.  

Make this Valentine’s Day more than just a romantic dinner this year.  Make this a reminder of what it feels like to truly love the people who give your life so much meaning.  Take the time to let them know just how much they do.  Let this Valentine’s Day be the reminder, and possibly kick start a way of being… every day.

Con gratitud y amor,

Michelle Dutro


  1. SBOBET says:

    It is a beautiful place.
    I want to try and visit for once.

    • michelledutro says:

      It is beautiful, and I bet even better in the summer with the amazing beaches! Thanks for the note!