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Techniques On Managing Your Stress… Your Life May Depend On It!

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October 31, 2016
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What comes to mind when you hear the words, proactive versus reactive?  Maybe in sports you may think that being proactive is watching hours of the competitor’s games to understand the way they think so you can anticipate what they will do.  Logically that is much more strategic and should lead to a better outcome than merely reacting to every play, and in real time trying to decide what to do next.

Now apply that same thinking to stress.  How much time do you put into dealing with stress before a crisis hits?  Does something happen and you find yourself reacting to it in real time, with less than an optimal outcome?  If we know that doesn’t work in sports, why do we think it would in life?

The reason I left the Fire Department was to move from responding to emergency calls, to helping people find a way to prevent them.  Stress is no different.  If we have the tools to incorporate a bit more peace into our everyday life, when something does show up, we are much better equipped to deal with it.  Whether your stress reduction is running, yoga, meditation, or sitting in nature… over time two things will happen if practiced consistently: Your daily life will overall be less stressful, and equally as important, when something does happen it doesn’t hit you as hard, nor do you stay in a stressed state for as long.  You are also much more likely to make a good decision under pressure when you are starting at a level two of stress, than when your life is an average of eight of ten, on a stress scale.

My conversation today is with returning guest Dr. Kathy Gruver.  We discuss the impact of stress on our overall health, and what can truly be done to manage it.  Given the current political times, this conversation is very timely.  I hope you have some form of stress management planned in your day. The truth is all of our lives depend on it.

With trapeze swinging gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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