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If you want to see someone’s character, show me who their friends are…
June 20, 2016
What Is The “One Thing” That Keeps People From Greatness?
July 4, 2016


Remember what it was like on the first day of your job, or that first date, or the day you got that new car—with that new car smell?  The reality is, typically, in time that same job is what you dread every time the alarm clock goes off, the date has become someone who is painfully uninteresting, and the car… well, it just smells.

So what happens between the point where we are “fired up” for the possibility of what lies ahead, and what actually is?  My belief is, that somewhere along the way, we compromise.  We compromise not just what we believe in, but in who we are.  The need to maintain what we thought would be a lifetime of happiness, is more important than the reality that maybe, we were wrong.

This week on The Game Changer Podcast, I interview Snowden McFall who is the author of “Fired up.”  Her mission is to help people get back to the point where they once were, when they were excited and passionate about what they were doing, and what they believed in.  I think this conversation is so much more than just about your work environment.  It’s about where you are in life, and why.  If any area of your life could use a bit of a spark to reignite it to what it once was, this is the show for you.

At the end of the day, life is either too short—or way too long (depending on perspective) to spend it doing something you don’t love.  Sometimes a minor tweak will have a significant change in the outcome, other times it takes a massive overhaul in order to course correct. Either way, I hope you decide that staying the same, is more difficult than what it takes to change.

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