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How to Read Minds and Influence People…

The Power of Focus…
November 8, 2015
Don’t Dim Your Light…
November 22, 2015

Carl's book

Do you think it’s really possible to read someone’s mind? On The Game Changer Podcast, my guest tomorrow is Carl Christman who has written a book to help you do just that. “How to Read Minds and Influence People” is an Amazon best seller, and I think it will have you look at how you relate to people, differently.  (You can read more about this book by clicking on the above photo.)

So exactly what does it take to read someone’s mind? First, we have to break down what the definition of mind reading actually entails. If you have ever seen the program Lie to Me or The Mentalist on television, you have a pretty good idea of how these experts know what you are thinking. Part of it really does come down to being VERY good at picking up on the slightest fraction of a second reaction to a question being asked.   This takes practice and consistent effort in reading people. The second part is, this requires being completely present with the person before you. This is the part I want to focus on for this blog, and the main take-away I had from my conversation with Carl.

The reality is, to be good at reading what someone is truly feeling – you must be completely present. You have to be free from distractions, multi-taking, or having anything else on your mind, other than the person before you. Once you have created that environment and are giving your complete attention to what the other person is saying, you can then place your attention on the deeper question; “Regardless of what they are saying, based upon their tone, their posture, and gestures, what must this person be feeling?”

Carl says that if you are willing to make the time to actually be present with the person to whom you are speaking, you will soon find you are able to feel what they are feeling. And like anything, the more you do it, the better you become.

Whether or not you become an expert mind reader, I think Carl’s book will help all of us to have deeper, more meaningful relationships with everyone we encounter. I really enjoyed our conversation and it made me look at being mindfully present in a different way. For my friends…be ready, I’m going to be practicing my mad mind reading skills during our next conversation!

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