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How Removing Clutter From Your Home, Removes it From Your Life…

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March 14, 2016
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Alison Kero

Spring is finally here! And you know what that means? That’s right, it’s time for a little internal spring cleaning. For the next four weeks I am devoting The Game Changer Podcast to the theme, “Removing what doesn’t belong.” For those who have studied or even looked into Feng Shui, know that it all starts with removing clutter. Further, if you want to improve your life in ANY way, this principle is the same. Where people go wrong is in thinking the first step to improving their health, their career, their finances, etc. is by adding things INTO the mix. Unfortunately, that is a backwards approach.

Imagine if you had let your house go for… well, for far too long. You hadn’t taken out the garbage, hadn’t noticed the crap piling up, nor the fact that you have very limited options for even getting around. So if you started this spring cleaning project by adding better lighting, the best outcome you could possibly have is being able to see all of this mess much better. Now, if the goal is to have a well-lit craptastic house, then maybe that strategy makes sense. However, if you actually want to improve your entire environment (your life), it must start with removing what doesn’t belong.

If you go back to the sentence in italics, I actually wasn’t talking about one’s house, I was talking about one’s life and really one’s mind. If you want to reboot any area of your life, these next four weeks are for you. And even if things are great, there are always tweaks that can be done to make your life even better. In today’s episode with Alison Kero, a life clutter expert, we talk about how clutter impacts your psyche, your energy, and your overall life.

I hope you enjoy the conversation today, as this is one of my favorite topics. This episode is hopefully the nudge to help you to get rid of the negative thoughts, the sprit vampires you spend time with, and the “stuff” that doesn’t make your heart sing. I think this show will get you to look at “clutter” and spring cleaning in a whole new way.

With Clutter-free Gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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