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Taking Control of Your Life…
February 15, 2016
How Do Life Changing Events, Change Us?
February 29, 2016


If you have followed this blog or The Game Changer Podcast for any length of time, you know that in my opinion, what you do is quite secondary to how you show up in what you are doing. Thus, being successful is not determined by the title we hold, but rather who we become along the way. And as success leaves clues, one common thread that runs through people who have sustainable success, is being positive, and creating a positive environment.

My guest today is Laura Roeder, an amazing entrepreneur who has started companies which are run with exactly this expectation. Laura began her entrepreneurial journey at the age of 22, when she quit a design job and decided to launch her first business. Since then, she founded B-School with Marie Forleo, and has run successful courses of her own, such as Creating Fame. Since then she founded Edgar, which was created out of a need Laura had in her own business to more effectively manage social media—and so in 2014 Laura pivoted her business to dive into the SaaS (Software as a Service) world. She was named a Top 100 Entrepreneur in America Under 35, several years in a row, and has spoken at the White House on entrepreneurship.

If you just looked at her resume you would assume Laura would want to be a Game Changer in the internet world. (Arguably, she already has been.) However, Laura wants her legacy to be in helping companies truly value their employees, and not treat them like a commodity. While this may be a vision many companies say they share, I’m not sure how many take the steps she has, to make it a reality. I believe that a tremendous part of her continued success stems from her desire to ensure the people she works with, actually like the environment they work in, and feel their thoughts and opinions matter. She works very hard at making this a reality.

I hope you take time as you listen to this episode, to reflect on how you define success and the impact you have on your surroundings. If you have ever wondered if one person can actually make a difference for so many others, check this episode out! If you are an entrepreneur who spends any amount of time on social media for marketing, you also really want to check out what Edgar can do for you. This software is an amazing time saver, so you can go out make an even bigger impact on the people’s lives who need it!

With Mindful Gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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