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Holiday Get-Togethers, and Whiskey Jim

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November 29, 2015
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December 13, 2015


It’s that time of year again… the holidays are in full swing and so are the get-togethers with family, friends, and co-workers.  For some of us, we look forward to this time of year just as we did when we were five years old, counting down the days until Santa’s big day.  For others, it’s a time of dread and counting down the days until it’s over.

No matter where you sit on the spectrum of holiday anticipation, my conversation tomorrow with Marta Hatter will help.  Marta is a psychotherapist who specializes in relationship counseling.  If her last name seems familiar, she is Cole Hatter’s mom, who was my very first guest on The Game Changer Podcast.  At her son’s conference “Thrive” we ran across each other several times and had some great conversations about parenting and contribution.  It is no surprise that she and her husband have raised an incredible family, whose foundation is based upon making the lives of others better in some way, shape, or form.

On her website: you will find her “Top 10 Tips to Everlasting Relationships.” Check this out, as it may make the difference in truly making this the most wonderful time of the year. (That was said in my best Andy Williams singing voice.) In our conversation on tomorrow’s show, we discuss everything from holiday parties with Whiskey Jim who drinks too much, Aunt Zelda who wants to talk politics, and an overall feeling of dread over the entire season.  I know you will find her ideas on the options you have, valuable. These tips are not just helpful this month, but for going in to the New Year in order to have better relationships with everyone in your life.  Number six is my personal favorite, and we discuss that point at length on tomorrow’s podcast.

I hope tomorrow’s show allows you to think about the relationships in your life a little differently, and hopefully offers some ideas for this holiday season to be your best yet, without having to out drink Whiskey Jim in order to do so!

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With Joyous Gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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