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Does Visualization Really Work?

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May 23, 2016
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June 6, 2016


I think by now we have all heard of visualization and the impact it can have on anything you are trying to accomplish.  This is everything from sports, weight loss, muscle growth, test outcomes, pay raises… the list is endless.  The difference between intention and visualization is, intention is focusing on what the intended outcome is of whatever you want, and visualization is literally walking through what is happening every step of the way, for that intended outcome to take place.

So what if you don’t have a specific want in this moment?  How would you then start your day with visualization?  I recently received this question via Facebook, from Sarah P. who is currently traveling through Nepal after graduating from college, before taking her next step in life.  This is a great question whether you are sitting on a lake in Nepal, or if you are just at a place in life where you really don’t know what you want.

The key part of visualization that I think gets missed, or at the very least doesn’t have the attention paid to it that it should, is the role YOU play. The key ingredient to getting closer to your desired outcome is to visualize how YOU need to show up in order for things to go well.  Meaning, if you want to meet your soul mate, how do you need to show up in order to attract him or her? If you are meeting with your boss to discuss a raise, how will you walk in the room, how will you be sitting, and how will you feel as you are speaking?  This is not nearly as much about how the person will react, it’s more about how you are showing up in order for the Universe to conspire in your favor.

To the person who isn’t exactly sure what you want… Here’s what I’m sure you can visualize; having a clear mind, what it feels like in your body to have an open heart, and being present every moment of your day to be open to the guidance you need to move you closer to your greatest, highest good.  If you start your day with that visualization there is a lot more likeliness that you will not only figure out what you want, but also in having it show up effortlessly. This is the topic of today’s discussion that Tammy and I have on The Game Changer Podcast.  It may just have you thinking about visualization and intention a little bit differently.

With Intention filled gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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