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We each make 17,349 decisions each day. (OK I have no idea how many it is, but studies say it’s in the thousands and I wouldn’t volunteer to be a counter in that study, so I’m not challenging it.) Suffice it to say, it’s a lot, which leaves the mere mortal a lot of room for error. Considering that fact, add this one to the mix; there is one major thing that separates successful people from those who seem to endlessly struggle. Yes, you got it, the differentiator lies in the decisions they make. So, just how do we tweak our Inner North Star to guide us to a better than .300 batting average?

Well my friends, this is where Definiteness of Purpose comes in. When we are driven by what we want, let’s call these “our goals” we are going to run into trouble. The truth is that what we want changes frequently, for some more often than they change their… (well you know how that ends.) However, what doesn’t change is who we are. (Certainly not as easily.) And who we are isn’t driven by the flavor of the month, nor is it affected by the opinion of others. When you move from what you want, into what you so passionately believe that it becomes an unshakable conviction- this becomes who you are. And who you are, gives you your Definiteness of Purpose.

Think of it this way – picture someone who is always on some sort of diet, and is always trying lose weight vs. someone who identifies themselves as healthy- therefore lives into that, in everything they do. Let me give you one even more important example that slips by most people. If someone offers me a hamburger, I wouldn’t say, “I don’t eat meat.” I would say, “I’m a vegetarian.” The difference may seem inconsequential, however it’s everything in the grand scheme of things. One is merely a choice I am making, the other is my identity. I’m no longer in decision making mode, when I know who I am. See the difference between what you want or a choice you are making and who you are?

So my question is, in what areas of your life are you unwavering? Until we get to the point of having a Definiteness of Purpose, (meaning we have conviction of who we are and why we are here – rather than on what we want), we largely rely on external factors. Once we become definite with complete conviction, no dream killer nor herd of naysayers will bring you down, as they have nothing to do with who you are. If there is any area of your life that you feel isn’t working, ask yourself what your Definiteness of Purpose is in that area, as your results are always a reflection of what you believe at your core.

The moment you become passionate about your conviction in your greatness, the moment you see yourself the way the stars do, as infinite possibility – everything will shift to match your belief…your decisions, you actions and your destiny.

                                                                -Michelle Dutro

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