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Could This One Thing Be What’s Getting In Your Way Of Better Health?

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April 4, 2016
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Dr. Jay Davidson

Have you ever tried something to improve your health, have more energy, or just feel better, but ended up getting limited results? Maybe it worked for a while and then wasn’t as effective as it was in the beginning.  Or maybe it didn’t work at all, even though it did for your friend.  This could be anything from acupuncture to supplements.  Or have you ever heard of someone (maybe this is you) that has been through endless doctors only to be told, “We have no idea what’s wrong with you.” Have you ever considered there may be something literally inside you that is the common thread for all of this?

Consider the world we live in now, compared to just one hundred years ago.  Think about how much we have polluted the water we drink, the air we breathe, and the food we eat.  And I am leaving out the chemicals we use we to clean our house, the lotions we put on our skin, and repellant we use to keep the bugs away from our picnic.  Not only is all this toxic exposure harmful, it’s cumulative.  To make it worse, it’s not just what you have been exposed to in this lifetime, but also what was transferred to you from your mom before you were born.

The topic of The Game Changer Podcast this week is the final installment of removing what doesn’t belong. In my opinion, and in my guest Dr. Jay Davidson’s opinion, we both agree that all health and well-being starts with this important first step. You can’t truly improve any aspect of your life, with something that is a blockage constantly getting in your way.  If this is a topic you haven’t done much reading about, or haven’t considered the impact that toxins play on your overall health, I hope this show starts you thinking about it.  In my soon to be released 90 Day Course on hitting the “Reboot” button for your life, the first 30 days is dedicated to this very topic; that’s how important it is.  Let me say this again… All improvement in ANY aspect of your life, starts with removing what doesn’t belong. I hope you will join us today for a discussion that to me is the most important impact to your health, yet is typically the one least considered.

With toxin-free gratitude,

Michelle Dutro


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