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How much of a difference can one person make?

Hello From One World Academy, In India!
January 28, 2017

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I think it is understandable to see a very big situation and think, “What impact can I have?” So we go through life believing that our thoughts, our words, or our actions, have no consequence in the big picture.  If that’s the case, then what is, collective consciousness?

Here’s one definition, so that we are all on the same page:

Collective consciousness (sometimes collective conscience or conscious) is a fundamental sociological concept that refers to the set of shared beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and knowledge that are common to a social group or society. The collective consciousness informs our sense of belonging and identity, and our behavior.

Where do these shared beliefs, ideas, attitudes, and knowledge come from in today’s world?  Here’s how it happens literally thousands of times per second around the world, when you just take in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, email, and I’m not even talking about mainstream media.

Here’s how it starts; Some event happens, in a milli-second we have a feeling about that event.  From that feeling we react.  In the midst of that reaction, we have assigned meaning.  From this meaning we develop our beliefs, which ultimately define who we are.  Now from this identity of who we are, is how we show up and meet each situation.

Now think about any recent Facebook post that goes something like this:

Check out what I overheard today while I was waiting in line.  If you are wondering if racism exists, listen to this…”  Then of course, in Facebook fashion, everyone piles on.

Now, here’s what the truth is:

“I heard something today that made me angry.  I am choosing to stay in that state as I type this for the world to see.  You see it is my intention, if possible, to shift your state to be just like mine.”

As we claim to be so upset by all the negativity in the world, how often do we stop and consider how we contribute to it, one little post at a time? Ones that are merely done in the spirit of sharing an experience, without a filter.

If you look at a glass of cloudy black water, next to one that is pure and clear, there is one mere drop of ink, of a difference.  We each have the choice of showing up as the drop of black ink that contributed to that cloudy black water, or being the filter that takes that water from it’s state of cloudy darkness into clarity. The choice is always ours.

If you think you are not contributing to the collective consciousness currently being seen in the world, I would ask you to reconsider.

Your state of being will determine your thoughts, your words, and your actions. Contribute them wisely, the world depends on it.  One person does make a difference.

With love from India,

Michelle Dutro

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