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November 19, 2014
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January 6, 2015

Believe- Polar Express


With Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the rear view mirror, we are headed smack dab into the Holiday Season.  Over the last week, I have been in several conversations with folks who find this time of year, well… less than appealing for a myriad of reasons.  Whether it is the social unrest that our country is experiencing or the Santa with a bullhorn yelling at stampeding shoppers… you certainly don’t have to look very hard to be disappointed. 

The reality is you will always find what you are looking for.  Do you remember what this time of year was like when you were a child?  The anticipation of what Santa would bring, the magical blinking lights…it was what created the feeling of complete awe.  Then, somewhere along the way, the bell stopped ringing.  (Yes, that is a reference to the movie The Polar Express.) 

When you feel your neck tighten up because you have been looking for a parking space for 20 minutes, stop for a second and think about one thing that you still find magical.  Even the toughest Grinches amongst us can at least find joy in seeing this time of year through the eyes of a child.  Before you know it, you may just find magic in the most surprising and unexpected places.

In closing – I think we can all agree that if you want anything in your life, different from what you currently have… it starts with first believing that it’s possible.  For the rest of the holiday season, actively be on the look-out for goodness, for kindness, and even a little magic.  I can promise you it’s all there.

As I was writing this; I closed my eyes trying to think of the line from the song Believe to end this blog.  And no kidding, the song just came on Pandora!  Magic… it’s everywhere.  Do I love this time of year?  Even more than when I was a child!


  1. Tammy says:

    “…you will always find what you are looking for.” Yes you will! I love that statement.
    If you want time, practice meditation. If you want to be happy, practice happiness. If you want abundance, practice giving. If you want a magical holiday, practice spreading holiday cheer.