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It’s not what happens TO you, it’s what happens FOR you.

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August 8, 2016
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August 22, 2016

Have you ever found yourself in a place asking, “How did I get here?”  Now if you have, it is likely because the floor has caved in, and as everything is crashing down around you, you stop just long enough for one last wave of your hands into the sky, yelling “Why me!”   With all that said, that’s actually not what I’m asking.  I want you to flip to the other side of that coin.  What about when everything is going right?  When you are doing what you love, in a place that makes your heart sing, with the person you adore beyond measure. In that moment, how many people stop long enough to really ponder everything that had to come together in order to have the life you truly love?

This is precisely why I say, change your perspective from what happens TO you, to what happens FOR you.  In today’s episode of The Game Changer Podcast, I chat with a young couple who are going to take the health and fitness industry by storm.  I have been watching them for nearly a year, and their love, passion, and energy is infectious.  But truthfully, “How to stay fit” is not the part of the conversation that has stayed with me since we spoke. It was one sentence of Nicholas’ story, when he was speaking with his dad about his dream to be a pro motocross racer. He asked his dad to spend more time with him to help him train to be the best. And here is that pivotal life moment… his dad looked at him and said, “You’ll never be the best.”  Now go back to my statement:

It’s not what happens TO you, it’s what happens FOR you.

Life in that moment changed drastically for Nicholas.  And the truth is, we can all relate.  We have all had that moment where what we thought would be, for whatever reason… isn’t.  What separates success from ultimate failure is what we do with those defining moments.  I hope today’s show inspires you not to just take a hold of your health (although it certainly should do that) but further, I hope it inspires you to reflect back on your life with a little different perspective.  Sometimes even the most difficult situations, with the most challenging of people, help to guide us into the life we were meant to live. Everything happens for a reason, even when in the moment, we don’t’ realize it.

With Inspired Gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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