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3 Things You Should Do To Start Your Day Off Right…

Definiteness Of Purpose
August 20, 2014
September 3, 2014


Before You Start Your Day…

1.  Before your feet even hit the floor, visualize how your day will go.  From your drive to work, (or your walk down the hall if you work from home), to everyone you imagine you will encounter during your day.  If you have meetings – imagine them going their absolute best.  Do this consistently and watch how much your day matches what you had visualized, versus just jumping out of bed and allowing every kind of crazy to come your way.

2. As you look in the mirror while you are brushing your teeth, focus on one thing that you are grateful for in your life.  Before more fantastic things/events/opportunities can come our way, we must be grateful for what we already have in our life.

3. Get one thing done that you have been putting off or that you dread.  Maybe its a phone call, taking three minutes to pay a bill, or running a quick errand in the morning.  Anything that would weigh on you during the day, will do just that… weigh you down. 

BONUS!  If you did chose to run an errand before work in the morning… and lets say as you are checking out at the grocery store, and someone you know walks up right behind you.  Yep, you are in sweats, hair in a knot on top of your head, and no make-up.  (And of course, they look perfect, as always).  Well, if you were wondering what the worst things is that could happen that day, BONUS, by 8am you already got that out of the way!!! (Yes, this is a personal journal entry for me, this fabulous Wednesday morning!)

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