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2016: The Value of Challenge, the Nonsense of Worry and the Power of Gratitude…

Hope, Entrepreneurship, and the Power of a Bicycle…
December 13, 2015
Meet My Friends!
December 28, 2015


Imagine the Possibility That 2016 Holds…

Goal setting (aka New Year’s Resolutions) and this time of year, go together like the excitement of running a first marathon and then sprinting the first 6 miles faster than your best 10K.  What I mean by that is, having the best intention with a clear goal… yet taking actions along the way that lead to an outcome that is not what was initially intended.

So why will 2016 be any different?  My hope is that tomorrow’s episode helps to answer this question.  This topic is very near and dear to my heart and has been for decades.  I take goal setting or better said, focused intention very seriously.  Every major life change I have had, has come from thoughtful contemplation about the ideas that I will cover tomorrow.  On that note… yes I said, ideas that I alone will cover.  Tomorrow’s episode is just me.

In wrapping up 2015, I thought it would be good to spend the last 2 episodes focused on what matters and what I hope helps to spring board you into your best year yet.   So this week you will hear my thoughts on what I have learned both in my life and in coaching many others as to what works and how to avoid pitfalls.  In next week’s final 2015 episode you will get to personally meet my friends, my tribe, more on that though in next week’s blog!

I closing, let me clarify something about what tomorrow’s episode is not.  This is not a typical “Goal Setting” class that I would teach discussing things like, what you want for your finances, your relationships, your career, etc. This is focused on the Mindset that is needed to put you in the best position to accomplish whatever it is you want next year or anytime, for that matter.  This episode covers honesty with yourself, being present, eliminating the spirit limiting emotion of worry, the value of challenges, and power of gratitude.

As we are smack dab in the middle of Figgy Pudding and endless Fruit Cake, I hope this finds you with a happy heart and a desire to give to those who could use a little more light in their life. It is my hope that tomorrow’s episode in some way does that for you, so that you can pay it forward to many others.

With festive and sincere gratitude,

Michelle Dutro

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